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Mitton Tan



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A gent can never have too many shoes

Let's face it. It takes one stylish, confident lad to be able to pull off a tan loafer. Not literally. Someone who walks into a room and a stranger shouts, "here he is." You've never met that man in your life, but he knows the score. If you've got the balls to buy a pair then you've automatically got the swagger to wear them. Well done. We salute you.

Here's a handy tip: always wear socks but make sure they're invisible. We haven't lost the plot. Invisible socks are those which only come up just below the line of the shoe, so even though you'll look like a happy-go-lucky Oxbridge graduate about to go punting, you'll actually be touching cloth.

This leather tassel loafer with a tan wash dyed upper boasts brogue detail and a leather sole. The leather sock and lining is printed with the famous GS stag detail.

We do not offer exchanges due to products selling out quickly. If you need a different size, please re-order another pair.

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