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A gent can never have too many shoes

Imagine instead of Donald Trump making it to the White House, the U.S. chose a candidate with Mexican heritage. Those Latinos love to party. Just think of inauguration day. Thousands of Latinos on Capitol Hill shouting, Julio! Julio! Julio! We don't know what he'd be called but Julio Iglesias is a solid guess.

Presidente Iglesias would step out onto the stage. He would be so proud. He'd be wearing a white suit and a pair of bordo leather tassel loafers, "Gracias, gracias" We did it! Today is going to be a good day for America. You could be like Julio some day, one of the lads yet the top dog. Be like Julio.

This bordo leather tassel loafer boasts brogue detail with a leather sole. The leather sock and lining is printed with the famous GS stag detail.

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