Famaco Natural Crepe Brush Wooden Handle



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The deluxe suede brush is made with crepe and bubinga wood to dust and gently clean of all your suede, calfskin and nubuck shoes.

The deluxe suede brush is designed without a handle and helps you with the regular cleaning of all your suede shoe without ever damaging them. The very rare bubinga wood used for this crepe constitutes one of the exquisite materials used and has a beautiful feel. The reddish brown, purple-veined wood is dense and heavy, providing a wonderfully comfortable grip. It is also rot-resistant, ensuring a long-lasting brush. The natural, coarse crepe lets you vigorously rub the suede's fibres to remove any dust encrustations without ever altering the beauty of your shoes. The genuine crepe is used daily by shoemakers to dust, delustre and fluff up the suede's fibres, thereby preventing shine and restoring its original look.

Use the crepe suede brush alone or with a suede cleaning product depending on how soiled your shoes are. Simply rub the brush on the suede to remove any dust encrustations or to fluff up its fibres as they can very quickly become shiny and dark. It is important to note that genuine crepe has a slightly smoothening effect and can alter the appearance of your suede by shortening its fibres, but will never damage the quality of the leather. After you've used the brush a few times, the crepe will begin to take on the colour of the suede on which it is used. Even if the crepe brush won't alter the colour of your suede, you may prefer to use one brush for light suedes and another for dark suedes. Avoid rubbing the suede too vigorously to prevent overworking it. Use small, quick strokes to fluff the material.

Crepe is not meant to be cleaned, even when it takes on the colour of the suede. A crepe brush that has been tinted will not lose its dusting capacity and thus, does not need to be replaced.

We do not offer exchanges due to products selling out quickly. If you need a different size, please re-order another pair.

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