Anglet - The plastic of metal end to a shoe lace, making it easier to thread through the eyelets and stay in good condition

Ankle Strap - A strap attached to the shoe to secure the shoe around the ankle. 

Arch (foot) - The high curved part of the foot between the ball of the foot and heel

Arch (shoe) - The high curved part of the shoes that supports the arch of the foot


Buckle - A clasp that joins one end of fabric to another, this can be used to fasten ankle straps together. 

Break - The crease that appears across the top of a shoe from everyday wear

Birko-Flor® - a high-quality synthetic material. The upper layer is made of easy-to-care-for PVC, which has been lined on the inside with a soft, breathable layer of fleece. Birko-Flor® is very gentle on the skin, and it's soft and comfortable while also being very durable. The material can be dyed a number of different colors.


Canvas - A heavy, closely woven fabric made of cotton, hemp or linen. 

Cap Toe - An additional piece of leather or alternative material that covered the toe of the shoe, this comes in various sizes and colours. Also referred to as the tip Circumference - The measurement around the widest part of the top of a boot or shoe

Colourblocking - When colours which compliment each other are placed together in a block design. These are often bright and bold colour. 

Collar - The material sewn into the topline of the shoe, this can be padded too for extra comfort or support. 

Crepe Sole - A crinkled rubber sole that resembles crepe paper texture. Eg. Clarks Originals Desert Boots.

Croc Embossed - Leather which has been stamped with a crocodile pattern and polished to give a gloss finish. 


Distressed Leather - Leather that has been scuffed or rubbed to given a stylish worn effect. 


Eyelet - Holes in a shoe which the laces pass through


Faux Leather - A leather like fabric which is man made to resemble animal leather. Often used in vegan friendly shoes. Also called PU. 

Footbed - The insole of a shoe which cushions to foot Foxing - A rubber strip that connects the sole of a shoe to the upper. Common on canvas shoes, such as Vans. 

Fringe - When suede is cut in strips to create detailing. 

Full Grain Leather - Leather which has been tanned so that the natural texture of the animal skin is visible


Haircalf - A kind of calfskin which maintains the soft furry texture of the calf hide. 

Heel - The part if the shoe which is attached under the heel of the shoe. This can vary in heights depending on the style of the shoe and also fabric

Heel Tip - The removable tip on the end of a heel that can be replaced when it gets worn out


Insole - The inner part of the sole of the shoe, this can be cushioned for comfort or moulded for orthopedic reasons

Instep - The area between the toes and the ankle on a foot or the top part of a shoe


Kid Leather - Leather made from goat skin


Laces - A string which is threaded through eyelets on a shoe to secure a shoe onto the foot. These can be made of various materials and sometimes interchangeable

Lapped Seam - When two pieces of material are placed on top of each other and sewn together to create a seam

Last - The wooden block around which the shoe is formed. These represent the size and shape of the shoe and can be made in standard sizes and bespoke

Lasting Margin - The area of the upper which is tucked under and attached the the sole of the shoe

Leather - A type of leather which is made from the skin of an animal. 


Medallion - The pattern that is created by perforating shoes. This is typical of brogue shoes, where the pattern is always symmetrical. 

Moc Toe - Shoes which are constructed in a similar way to a mocassin, which have laces instead of a slip on style. 


Nailed Construction - Shoes which have had their material nailed together instead of sewn

Nappa Leather - A type of leather which is known for it's softness and flexibility Nubuck - The upper part of the shoe, made of cowhide which has a suede like texture which is durable and high quality. 


Outersole - The bottom part of the sole


Patent - Leather which has been given a high gloss finish. 

Peep Toe - A type of toe design which allows for the toe to be seen through a small opening. 

Platform - A thick, high sole which is both at the front and the back of the shoe. This can be equal in height or be higher at the back. 


Quarter Panels - The side components of the shoe which run from the heel to the toe


Rand - A piece of leather used to even out the sole before the heel is attached

Ruched - When the material on a shoe is gathered and sewed together to create a 'ruched' effect. 


Scalloped - When the material is cut in curves to create a wave effect on the shoe. 

Shank - The metal strip which is extends from the heel to the ball of the foot to strengthen the shoe and help support the foot

Shearling - Sheepskin or lambskin with the wool still attached. Often found on slippers or winter boots. 

Shoe Horn - A curved metal or plastic tool to help slide the foot into a shoe or boot

Slouched - When the material on a shoe or boot is not rigid, meaning it wrinkles down the foot or leg and has a casual appearance. 

Suede - Leather which has been sanded to create a soft roughened texture on it's surface. 

Studs - Metal or plastic detailing which are spiked, raised or flat in appearance to create a pattern. Popular on biker boot styles. 


Toe Ridge - When the footbed of a shoe is moulded around the toe area of sandals. 

Tongue - The flap of material sewn sewn from the toes to the top of the shoe that sits underneath the laces

T-Strap - A strap formation where two straps are connected together to form a T shape. 


Upper - The upper part of the shoe from the toe to heel, not including the sole area


Vamp - The top section of a shoe which run across the top of the foot


Welt - A piece of leather which is sewn between the outsole and the insole, this can sometimes be designed to stick-out to create more detailing

Width - The measurement is taken at the ball of the foot from one side of the foot to the other. The measurement is shown in letters usually. Eg. D = Clarks women's standard width fitting.